Website application guide

NFT tracking tool on website version

This is the first demo version of the tracking tool on the website and we will integrate this to social platform soon! Then you just connect your wallet and make the post, share, follow, discuss with the NFT community and you can track all NFT items that you are holding and you can find any NFT projects on our social platform also.

1. Home page

We list the top/trending NFT projects and you can click to the name to redirect to Also we show the code name of NFT projects also and you can add them to Discord or Telegram bot to tracking also.

You can paste your Aptos address to search box then click Enter to see all NFT items in your wallet

3. Details page

When you click to Place Bid button you will see the details page with:

  • Total volume

  • Foor price

  • Owners

  • Total supply

  • Properties

  • Telegram & Discord bot redirect button

Also we will update the UI UX and other data + tracking tool on website soon.

In near future you can configure price tracking on website and get notifications by email.

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