Easy social platform & tracking tool for NFT community
We built this product for NFT community, we made social platform where user can post, share, like, comment or vote about NFT projects, they can discuss / shill about old or new projects, everything about NFT or crypto market you can discuss here but yes we focus to NFT topics as firstly.
After that, we made the NFT tracking tool. We built this product because the NFT's data is scattered, we have many chains, many marketplace with many projects. With our tool, users can track data as personalized as possible. Our beta product is available on Telegram, Discord bot and website now.
Users can search name / price and set price to notify with NFT projects on Telegram bot. With Discord bot we will show the new sale of NFT projects with other information such as total volume, owners, floor price.
Also we are doing a new function on our website and users can see all NFT items in their wallet and we will show the most information with suggestion notification. And all tracking functions will be supported for users who are members of our social platforms.
Last modified 9mo ago