Telegram bot guide

Getting Started

You can add bot to your group chat and users can search name, price of NFT collections

Special Note

  • Please pin our bot on top of your Telegram application and enable the notification so you can get the price alert as soon as possible!
Enable Telegram notification
Set notification while price greater than 1
Set notification while price lower than 1
  • You will have max 5 alerts repeated on each notification. After that bot will reset/delete your notification command and you have to set it again!

The code name of the NFT collection

Example: => cryptopunks will be the code name of NFT collection.

We are supporting:

  • ETH with Opensea
  • Solana with Magiceden
  • Aptos with Topaz
  • ETHW with Nuwton
  • Updating more.
The price notification only works when you chat with bot as directly, we do not support this function on group chat.

The commands:

fp - Search name suggestion and floor price of NFT in group, ex: /fp degods
add_notify - add NFT code name that you need to set alert price, ex: /add_notify degods > 10
del_notify - remove NFT code name in notification, ex: /del_notify degods
list_notify - show list of nft collections that available